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Monday, September 17, 2007

Now, you can divorce your desktop

I am drinking in all of it…every last drop. Bottoms up…!

Technology and globalization have cleared a path for advancement that’s right there under your feet—if you’re willing to take the first step. The rewards have never been greater for those who act. But many are reluctant to act for fear of the unknown.

Hardly did we hear enough of SaaS applications and their fantastic economics that broke the back of many an enterprise software vendor, “Cloud computing”--the idea of relying on Web-based applications and storing data in the "cloud" of the Internet--has staged a grand entry threatening even hardware vendors. Way to do business on the road...? Now software companies are making entire Web-based operating systems. Built to work like a whole computer in the cloud and aimed at a wider audience, these browser-based services could help those who can't afford their own computer.

I am referring to Desktoptwo that seeks to bridge the digital divide. “You can bring your desktop too” goes the slogan. Desktoptwo uses a number of open-source applications, including Open Office as its productivity suite. The Web-based operating systems bring together a selection of integrated Web-based applications that typically run with Flash or Java. Users can choose to save data locally or on the Internet.

Shall we say, gone are the days when vendors charged clients a bomb for monstrous applications and then topped it up by annual maintenance contract, upgrades and consulting charges that added up 22% of cost of the original application every year?

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