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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Are we done with internet?

Mark Cuban says internet is dead and boring, because it has stopped evolving. Cuban argues that had it been evolving, it will not allow new applications as are being developed over it now, until it firms up. It’s possible only because it has rigor mortised.

Anything that is frozen or stable could well be, boring. Think of Antarctic ice. That applies to any successful, time-tested and widely adopted utility. Isn’t TV, iPod and even iPhone boring now?

Anything that has outlived its novelty is boring. But has internet? In many ways, as Phil Wainewright says, the Internet cloud is one great global SOA — still very rudimentary in many ways, but flexible enough to accommodate different levels of sophistication, and evolving fast. Wonder what Phil and his ilk would think of Cuban’s theory since they feel SaaS is still evolving within the cloud. I am tempted to think that the evolution of basic internet has hit a pause mode to facilitate growth of its derivatives like SaaS applications that have just begun to sprout. IMO they have a huge potential to attain a full blown multi-tenancy nirvana aspired by so many vendors.

Do you think Cuban’s off his rocker on this one? Me thinks the wheel's evolution may have slowed, but it's far from done, and complete.



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