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Thursday, September 06, 2007

That's a bit rude

Call it downright rude – or is it? We are talking about 33% price slash of the 8G iPhone here – down from $599 to $399 in 60 days flat. The hottest tech product of the year driving it up the wherever of its early adopters…

Now El Jobso comes up with a consolation. A $100 refund for those who camped long hours to get their mitt on the gadget that now feel ripped.

But did Apple have a choice? The technology has become almost a cottage industry – recent testimony came by the way a rookie 17year old picked the AT&T lock and traded the unlocked iPhone in for a cool NISSAN 350z car.

Are you considering buying one now that the prices have been slashed? My advise – wait… Soon your cornerstore guy will assemble one for you for $100 or even less, just that the label will bear his name even as the functionalities will be in tact. I mean, it’s way too overpriced even now…



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