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Friday, August 31, 2007

DRM ain't cool

Along with overlooking huge credit card debt and indulging in impulsive shopping, ticking off Steve Jobs is generally included on the Big List of Things Not to Do. That holds true for anyone from programmers to parking attendants, but especially for companies in the business of distributing digital entertainment, seeing as Apple Inc owns iTunes and iTunes owns the market. But suddenly these days, in a display of either intestinal fortitude or foolhardy bravado, people are starting to say no to Steve Jobs.

First it was UMG that pried loose from iTune stable. Today, it's NBC Universal bolting the barn, apparently feeling frisky about the prospects for Hulu, the video service it has in the works with News Corp.

Given that iPhone was set free recently from AT&T stranglehold by a 17 year old hacker, wonder why the breed is missing out on an opportunity to break into Apple’s DRM blocks that prevent iTune downloads in and out of devices other than iPods.

Hello hackers, where the hell are you? Hurry up, you’ve got a good thing going !

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