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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Devices are cool ; Batteries aren't....

I am really curious or even annoyed a bit, you can say – having to recharge my cell phone, MP3 handset and other portable devises frequently while traveling. Even as numerous next gen applications develop in the multi-media and wireless space, the basic accessories like batteries haven’t kept pace. How many power cords should I carry? If it’s overseas, one has to carry adapters for all of them too.

In my line of business, I get to meet a lot of startup and expansion stage entrepreneurs. I get to see quite a lot of business plans in wireless mobile applications / contents, which is a very crowded space, besides those from other industrial applications. But I am yet to see some smart founder coming up with a technology for a self-charging battery or at least a long lasting one that needs to be charged only once a month or so, that allows use of new gen applications / portable devises with multi-media capabilities. Battery life is the #1 handset problem, especially in rural areas where there is limited access to electrical outlets. Wireless phones have become the primary communication tool in areas where it is too expensive to lay cables for wire-line phones and Internet access.

Absolutely virgin territory. No competition. Unfortunately no ideas. Too bad, Gordon Moore didn’t go beyond transistors…

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