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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yahoo syndrome?

The lust for internet deals, it seems got rekindled after Microsoft’s recent tryst with Yahoo. Otherwise why am I reading Jana Partners lusting for CNET that owns a few cult portals with too many visitors and not as much revenue? And further CBS racing on to stage a $15 billion (yes Billion it is!) rescue even in these hard times for liquidity and cheap credit. Geez….
In the end, it all leaves me dazed. Extend the Yahoo metaphor further. Could CNET be suffering from Yahoo Syndrome – an affliction characterized by an inability to convert healthy traffic into nutritious profits? If so why would corporate raiders want a piece of a laggard? Do they see a pattern in starting up a proxy war and cashing out handsomely?
Lastly, has Les Moonves of CBS gone mad? When you know how to make $15 billion, then not knowing how to keep it is a sure sign of insanity.

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