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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Mr.Jerry Yang, call up Ballmer before you run out of luck"

Yahoo’s troubles seem far from over. It’s getting knocked all over the place. If Steve Ballmer and team destroyed Jerry Yang’s peace for over the last few months, now it’s the turn of his investors training his guns on him for screwing the deal. Carl Icahn is throwing in his might as well.

And now the latest. Imeem has taken over Yahoo's throne by becoming the No. 1 streaming music site in the United States. In what could become another blow to Yahoo, imeem has opened its massive media catalog to third parties with an API that allows outside developers to create music apps that access its library. It's said to be expanding its relationships with music blogs over the next several months. Yahoo, which had acquired large music sites like Broadcast, Launch Media and Musicmatch in order to become the top-ranked music-streaming site in the country, has slipped into second place behind imeem in Compete's list of the top 20 U.S. streaming music sites for March.

I say this to poor Jerry. “Mr.Yang, I suggest you call up Steve Ballmer and ask him to cut that check for $47 billion. You could use some luck if he hasn’t changed his mind completely”.
Know why? By the time this is all over, we may just see Jerry Yang run weeping into the embrace of Steve Ballmer like he was a long-lost brother. Dealing with Carl Icahn, the corporate world's most annoying back-seat driver, can change a man, make him do things he wouldn't ordinarily do. And now that Icahn has piled up $1.3 billion in Yahoo stock and is seeking FTC clearance to double that, CEO Yang and his brain trust are facing an opponent who makes Microsoft's Ballmer look warm and fuzzy. Jerry Yang will look better in bed with Ballmer than with Icahn.
I wish him good luck.

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