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Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Cool means useless

Ok. So you will kill and mow down people to get that ultra cool gadget. But how much of it you ever come to use? And why are those basic stuff that you need missing?

Mike Elgan has a go at it. I quote –

“Flashy new technology always gets attention. But after the chatter fades, users are often left with frustration over products' failure to do basic, common-sense functions.

I was reminded of this widespread phenomenon this week when Toshiba's digital products division announced what it calls "sleep-and-charge USB ports." Basically, Toshiba will sell laptops that charge your USB gadgets while the laptops are in sleep or hibernate mode.

Wow! What a spectacularly unspectacular-but-welcome feature! Toshiba actually noticed that travelers often need to charge cell phones and other devices all night, but they don't want to leave their laptops running. Why didn't USB charging work like this from the get-go? And why are so many high-visibility products missing seemingly simple and basic features?”
I look up the number of buttons in my MS-Word application. I may not have used 90% of it, ever. Still repeat versions do carry all of those and consume my precious storage.

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