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Monday, May 12, 2008

Spot Zuckerberg, keep Rs.10,000

Here is the announcement by Techgoss. Techgoss will offer Indian Rs. 5000 for the first, exclusive photos of Mark Zuckerberg in India. Another Rs. 5000 for a detailed story on his stay in India. No questions asked. Anonymity guaranteed.

Now what the hell is Zuckerberg doing in India? Seeking some peace after the flutter amongst the Facebook pigeons created by entry of ex-Google fat cat Sheryl Sandberg? Has she begun thinning the ranks at Facebook? Heard that co-founder and CTO Adam D’Angelo, a long time pal of Zuckerberg is leaving the company. For the record, D’Angelo is feeling tired and burned out and wants to take some time off. Oh, really? You hardly take time off when you are in your twenties. Not from the company that relocated itself from Boston to Palo Alto just because D’Angelo was studying computer science in Caltech.

Now is this a sign of good or bad times for FB? Ask Zuckerberg when you spot him around some Bangalore tech alley.

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