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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Will iPhone replace blackberry?

Since the iPhone went on sale last summer, amid long lines of shoppers and media adulation, the contours of the smartphone market have begun to shift rapidly toward consumers. An industry once characterized by brain-numbing acronyms and droning discussions about enterprise security is now defined by buzz around handset design, video games and mobile social networks.
R.I.M.’s greatest challenge in a consumer-driven smartphone industry may simply be creating devices that people admire and covet as much as the iPhone. Despite the faithfulness of its flock, R.I.M. is not there yet.

Why are they missing the point? iPhone has so many apps on its face that if the user uses it to slowly thumb-type an email, he’s locking himself out of other terrific features that iPhone has to offer. RIM Blackberry all the while, is an alternative dispatch outfit.

What say you?

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