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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beethoven symphony by car mileage

Woof… A car giving 250 km/litre of petrol? Innovation by a bunch of young smart kids from Ropar in Punjab.

Seven engineering students from Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Ropar today claimed to have developed a concept car with an amazing mileage of 250 km per litre after putting in five months of hard work. They hope to display at the World Super Mileage competition being held at Michigan in USA from June 5 to 6 where contestants from 35 countries including USA, UK and Bahrain will present their exhibits. They say the car has a 92 cc engine with TCI ignition system. The frame of the 65 kg car has been developed by using special grade aluminum 6063 T6.

I wish them lots of luck. With crude at $135 per barrel, the news (and the kind of mileage) is Beethoven symphony to my ears. But when I told this to my daughter, she asks me to check whether the car runs with a dysfunctional odometer :)

Bringing in Ron Reagan. "Trust – but verify!"

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