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Monday, April 07, 2008

Virtualization gets "sticky"

Virtualisation likely will result in considerable market disruption and consolidation over the next few years.

It “is hardly a new concept; storage has already been virtualized — albeit primarily within the scope of individual vendor architectures — and so is networking. However, as both server and PC virtualisation become more pervasive, traditional IT infrastructure orthodoxy is being challenged and is changing the way business works with IT” – says Gartner vice-president Philip Dawson.

MokaFive, a desktop virtualization company, will make its formal debut today by offering a virtual OS on Windows, Mac OS and Linux that can be embedded on a USB key and run in an offline mode. It enables remote and guest workers to gain access to applications and/or the corporate network without compromising security. With MokaFive, you can easily create secure virtual desktops that isolate your network and applications from the threats of any unmanaged, third-party computers. Besides it helps disaster recovery, sandboxing, testing and in setting up a virtual mobile workforce.

An entire desktop in a USB stick ! Did you say “mobility”?

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