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Sunday, March 09, 2008

CA, Symonds - learn from Steve Ballmer, folks !

The Monkey word. It means different things to different people. Symonds and Cricket Australia (CA) took offense, but Steve Ballmer has no issues with Guy Kawasaki. Ha ! He even says the G-word again and again, again and again. But he's not so benign with Guy’s McBook Air. Here he tosses it down on the carpet and tries to break it. Says it doesn’t have a DVD drive :)
I must say Guy kissed a lot of Ballmer ass in that chat. I got this vibe that MSFT seems to be dabbling in a new vertical now - image makeover. From what I’ve found in his blog, Guy normally has some deep drill question sets for most of his interviewees and here he hardly had any. May be he got scared of Ballmer's huge frame! The questions – Yahoo bid, Vista bugs and Google threat – have all been so frosty and predictable and he was unusually docile in letting Ballmer steal the show. So unlike Guy. Sounded all too stage managed by Microsoft PR team to project a cool image of the company and of Ballmer himself (aimed at rattled Yahoo employees?). Ballmer was in full glow throughout; he even leaked his email ID to the open audience.

Good friend Vinnie Mirchandani has his set of questions for Ballmer on MS enterprise initiatives that Guy didn’t cover. If Ballmer’s mood at that sitcom were for real, he may well be getting some honest answers too. Not the Ballmer we thought he is… Watch it, folks. Don’t miss out !

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