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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How've you been, Ms.Williams...?

O.k. so Sunita Williams, the astronaut with the mop of hair my bald pate is extremely jealous of, is back on earth with her fellow crew members. Welcome've you been, Ms.Williams?

After spending more than six months at the space station, she has set an endurance record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman at 195 days. During her stay, she also set the record for most time spacewalking by a woman.

I wondered what must have tempted her to stay so long in zero gravity, the record notwithstanding, where even the most mundane tasks like shampooing her hair (oh, that flowing tresses!) takes such an effort. Not to think of having to eat on flying saucers and to swallow tooth paste after use since there’s no sink in there…

Not just that. Actually, the astronauts use a Russian-designed lavatory that, "sucks waste away with a vacuum." The waste is stored in buckets, which are moved into a Russian cargo pod that eventually "burns up in the earth'satmosphere." Now you know what people mean when they say,"It's raining buckets."

May be she found living on earth far too expensive. Who would say no to a free trip around the sun?

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