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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yesterday at an E&Y interactive seminar, we were given momentary leverage to shape our own future. The first task was to take a bunch of pictures/taglines given and come up with an image of the future. Here's what I got and gave.

Picture : Ground Zero

Vision : Terrorism actually dies. No one cares enough to kill. High-intensity conflict ends but there is constant low-intensity conflict.

Tagline : Regulators everywhere ?

Vision : This is a world where the regulations lag rapid innovation. The world is rapid in developing new technologies, but it's slow to learn from them. It has a lot of stop-start dynamics and reinforcing loops of behaviour. It returns to a question of how to regulate or manage what we don't know with uncertain developments in the future and also how to meet the challenges of globalisation.

Picture : A human embryo in a test tube

Vision : There are monthly revolutions in embryonic care so people are delaying pregnancy to get the latest in in-vitro genetic modification.

There were moreā€¦but this is all I could recollect. We were asked to leave our `vision' behind at the venue for them to analyze and reward. [ or had it been that we were forbidden from `hustling' our future in a hurry....quite likely, yeah... :-) ]

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