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Saturday, June 09, 2007

To get a rating done

Does it rhyme with Harper Lee’s 1960 classic “to kill a mockingbird”? The parallel stops at just one character – Atticus, the attorney and the father.

You smell some trouble ahead in your business or personal life and need to find an attorney. What would you do…? Check out a few friends and get some referrals for good lawyers. Often you may need them in areas where none of your friends have been before, say, a divorce ? Then…choices are well, limited.

Not quite, if you have something like AVVO.

I found this heavily funded Seattle startup that hopes it can help consumers navigate the legal maze and choose the best attorney for the job. After 16 months of secrecy, is unveiling an online rating system that ranks thousands of attorneys in more than 110 practice areas based on their experience, education, disciplinary actions and dozens of other factors. The company is launching in 10 states, including Washington and California, with Chief Executive Mark Britton hopeful that it will expand nationally by the end of the year.

If this one works, a lot of similar stuff would sprout all over.

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