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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Domain squatters back in business

The best reaction to the WSJ story on - a search engine used by businesses to find products and services (now on the auction block reportedly for $ 300-400 million) - came from John Murrel.

“I suppose everyone's got some coulda-shoulda investment story. I distinctly remember at age 11 regretting that my allowance did not allow me to put some early money into communications satellites. And I still get a twinge when I think that back in the early '90's before the Web took off, I could have (hell, anyone could have) snapped up a bunch of generic .com domain names, like,, Just two minutes of clear foresight and I could have done what CNet and some others did. Of course, the speculative domain name market peaked during the tech bubble, and knowing me, I would have bailed, probably way too early, and suffered a different regret. So it goes.”

Back to the bubble ?

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