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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Exactly what Infosys must be doing with its cash hoard...!

Instead of grumbling about client indecision on discretionary tech spends or reminding doubting analysts about its choice for marathon over sprint, Indian outsourcing vendors like Infosys must be focusing on acquiring smart startups like NICIRA that VMware is seeking out to buy giving it a massive leap in its technology focus.

With its NVP, or network virtualization platform, Nicira (pronounced "nice era") will ostensibly do for networks what VWware has done for computers -- magically create multiple virtual networks that work together in tandem but unleash much more computing power than a single network could ever achieve.

Shibulal, are you listening...?  It's time you let loose those purse strings after real tech innovators instead of chasing me too System Integrators.  That will be a great favor not just to your existing shareholders but also a nice parting pat to those past employees waiting to liquidate their stock options at a fairly reasonable price that seems a daunting task now.. :-)

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Digg's digital suicide..or is it...?

This is truly sad...I read the story that Digg is being sold for $500k, that is a long way off from the valuation of $200 million that it commanded once... Like many before me, I too had been a great fan of the social media darling that did a wonderful job of filtering and aggregating quality content online from the mega clutter that is the www.  

The epitaph should read " Digg ain't dead... It just slipped into the cloud"

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