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Monday, May 07, 2012

...It's not about the CEO lying as much it is off process gaffe

Ok. So, Scott Thomson, CEO, Yahoo is not a Computer Science graduate.  His resume is fake. My question - What about internal controls and HR processes..?  It's hard to believe that there is no such thing called credential verification in such a large corporation as Yahoo..  If HR has such major lapses while hiring its top gun, we can imagine how much sloth must have crept into other functions like Purchase, Accounting, Sales and Administration - something that explains why Yahoo is not able to shake off its `troubled' adjective even after close to a decade...

Thompson was hired from PayPal in January, four months after previous CEO Carol Bartz was acrimoniously ousted, and Yahoo — so far, at least — has maintained that computer science degree or not, Thompson is qualified for the job. He very well may be, but the perception of impropriety may be too much for Yahoo to bear.

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