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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

LucidEra makes business sense

Yesterday, I figured out the venture pitch that had taken Peter Rip’s breath away. It’s LucidEra – a company that offers a web-based service that helps businesses collect and analyze data across their internal software systems to make them more efficient.

First I felt LucidEra is just another company in the somewhat crowded “business intelligence” industry. I grew curious. What was it that was so exceptional about this venture that had made an astute VC like Peter fall head over heels in love and leads a $15m round? All I could see was it was an on-demand SaaS application as opposed to most of its competitors that are on-premise enterprise apps. I just ran the demo and I was convinced. I haven’t verified the cost to consumer yet, which I guess should be disruptively low to absorb market share away from high cost enterprise solutions. I am a stingy guy and IT's the last thing I want you to spend money on.

I have great faith in Peter’s judgment and would gladly recommend it for my clients, here in India. In case you are thinking of buying a high cost business intelligence application, LucidEra looks like a far better and economic alternative. No complex architecture, multiple layers or components and no integration or supports required. Just plug and play. Your bottomline should look a lot better with that savings in IT budget.

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