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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A decade of blogs

Tunku Varadarajan of WSJ pays a tribute to by far the largest opinion democracy in the internet - blogosphere - on arguably its 10th anniversary. Tunku worries about the squiggles beneath the expression `blogs’ in MS-word. Easy boy... it doesn't make blogs unpopular one bit, it will reflect as Microsoft's poor updating processes. Of the twelve commentators - including novelist Tom Wolfe, Newt Gingrich, the SEC's Christopher Cox and actress/blogger Mia Farrow - some laud it, others lament it. Cox finds it useful since it helps corporate governance by putting all information on public domain and get feedback with almost real-time efficacy.
Interesting that Tom Wolf calls bloggers `narcissistic shrieks’ even as he wafts generously about his, just his wikipedia avatar…. Is his Royalty getting hit? Probably... that's one thing that makes professional writers grieve…Tom Wolfe is no exception. Read some interesting comments under Paul Kedrosky’s post here.
Democratization of a private domain invariably undermines some privileges that had gone unquestioned for long. Was all that getting published in the mainstream media authentic and of superb quality? Too much focus on `US' has been in fashion ever since mirror got invented. If that's narcissism, so be it. But don't expect that to go out of fashion any sooner - mirrors never do.
Should we care is the question… TIME magazine ranks YOU as `person of the year'… Stay tuned !

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