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Thursday, May 10, 2007

New directions, New dimensions at Software 2007

Software 2007

One of the big trends driving Motorola's business is the shift to enterprise mobility. "What goes into the enterprise is what goes in hand and with what goes home, just as the PC did," [Ed] Zander said. He predicted that in the next five years "Internet 2.0," catalyzed by advances, such as WiMax, would create a major shift away from PCs. In his view, mobile devices will replace the PC in many scenarios, which is not unlikely and would be good for his business.

He also predicted that Motorola would invest in more integration and acquisitions to pursue its enterprise mobility goals. Motorola recently acquired Symbol Technologies and Good Technology to expand its footprint in enterprises.

Zander can talk the talk, but shareholders and Wall Street are looking for Motorola to walk the walk after losing money and momentum in the last quarter – even as he has Carl Icahn to put up with.

But this is not about saying we need to change. It is about delivering the change. Change which makes you go wow, not gulp as Vinnie says.

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