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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Has to do with upbringing

What do you think of perverts taking undue advantage of the anonymity offered by technology too far - I mean those staying under cover of made - up user names indulging in hate mail, posting nasty, tasteless or sometimes violent vitriolic comments under blog posts where they have no business to be in ? Just two words, doubtful lineage.

Such was the experience of Kathy Sierra, a fine blogger who received death threats, sexually explicit messages - even a threat to slit her throat - earlier this year. She traces the storm to a blog post from April 2006 titled "Angry/Negative People Can Be Bad For Your Brain," which unleashed a slowly gathering snowball of criticism, some of it harsh. Sierra said she believes the outpouring came in part because she was perceived as too optimistic. She has stopped blogging ever since and had vowed to come back online only for an exclusive community of known readers.

Kathy, as I knew has been a great thinker and some of her posts I’ve stored away in my rack. I am all for disagreements and free-for-all over the internet and ranted about banning blogs over security issues even for a few days. But anything stretched too far, sucks. One should know where good taste ends and sourness begins – sort of self regulation. But then it’s a quality that normally comes early on in one’s life, when values get instilled and presents as manifest pedigree throughout.

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