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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've got my new phone... Can I have a holster please?

There is a certain suspicion that someone have quietly slipped in a generous dose of steroid into Redmond water supply. Close on the heels of its hostile bid to swallow Yahoo, MSFT quietly bought Danger, a Palo Alto company best-known for creating the technology behind T-Mobile's chic Sidekick smart phones, for $500 M.

X-box, Zune and now sidekick… Is MSFT getting serious about hardware? Well, with a competitor like Apple around (now that the CEOs share the same first name), it ain’t got no choice. RIM has its Blackberry, Palm has its Treo, Apple has its iPhone, but Microsoft had nothing before. Now it's got this… But as Erick schonfeld says “mobile handsets business can be brutal” and he points to Motorola.

I agree. Tell me something… with so many features loaded into a cell phone, why not someone design a holster?

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