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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nokia gets ambitious

Here’ what I wrote about Nokia earlier…

The Finns seem to have finished their reindeer steak lunch and have chased it down with some frosty beer… But what they have liked best it seems is their move to the Asian tropics - India in particular.

It now wants to be a one-stop platform for mobile users to buy music and entertainment services, do their business over the mobile Internet and use their handsets for everything from banking to buying movie tickets. Put simply, Nokia wants to be an Internet-driven services firm.

In a statement announcing the decision in August this year, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said, “the convergence of the mobile communications and Internet industries is opening up new growth opportunities for us, in the devices business as well as in consumer Internet services and enterprise solutions. Growing consumer demand for rich, mobile experiences creates an opportunity for change. Nokia will bring these capabilities to the broadest range of devices and price points.”

How will this happen? They seem to have elaborate plans. Internal restructuring, inorganic growth, services integration and silo management etc. Find it all here.

Does it spell good or bad news for many small mobile application developers…? How will it get the telcos to fix the ubiquitous call drops? If that basic service isn’t fixed, I don’t think people will migrate to high end phones.
I’ve got some curious enquiries from mobile app developers… What should I be telling them…? That Nokia is in a shopping mood...? Are you Mr.Shivakumar....?

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