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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Looks like UN Meeting

So much for globalization, or is it world-sourcing? Companies across the world buy one another and the `mashup’ is a mix of races, religions, colors and languages. It's hard to bring two corporate cultures together in any merger, let alone one between an obscure Chinese computer maker and the struggling PC division of an iconic American brand. But that's precisely the challenge Bill Amelio faced when he joined Lenovo way back in 2005. So much so that Lenovo made headlines when it announced it would base its companywide marketing operations in Bangalore. Why India? Because CEO Amelio felt the team there was the strongest.

He shifted Lenovo's software-development arm to North Carolina to capitalize on IBM's existing roots and talent base there. Throughout the company, English is the official language, but Amelio says, "When people sit around the table, it looks like a UN meeting."

I did crack up, loud.



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