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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"They've got other fish to fry"

That’s what Omar Hamoui, founder CEO of Admob, - a mobile Ad network that allows independent mobile websites to run Ads on their sites - said when he was asked why haven’t Google focused on an Adsense like stuff for mobile.

The Admob advantage for Advertisers is that you can target the audience and device you want, offers flexibility to select where your ad will run, you don’t need to have a mobile page (you can create quick and easy mobile landing pages) and the benefits of advanced reporting and analytics.

For the publishers, while it allows you to monetize your mobile traffic, you have full control over the ads displayed and of complete reportage of published inventory and revenue streams.

Here’s a nice interview that K@W had with Omar Hamoui of AdMob.

Don’t ever confuse it with internet Ads since Mobile Web is a silo of its own. In fact, that’s a challenge. Admob would love it if it could find an ad network to fill their inventory with existing online advertising. They simply can’t because those ads would link to web pages that wouldn’t render on the mobile device.

But I am sure they must be working at it…

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