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Monday, October 08, 2007

Proximic IS different....

From amongst the long list of Google look-alikes (eventual train wrecks, shall we say?), Proximic looks refreshingly different. It’s home page announces “no keywords, no typing, no tagging” – bingo! (Currently restricted to Firefox browsers)

Thomas Nitsche's program matches Web pages with relevant advertising. That's what Google's AdSense network also does. But Nitsche and his partner, Philipp Pieper, CEO of Proximic, believe they do it better. People who have played with their program say that seems to be true.

While Google looks at the words on a Web page, Proximic looks for patterns of characters. That means Proximic's approach is completely language-independent, so it works as well with German and Chinese as it does with English.

So should Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin be losing sleep about a tiny German company called Proximic?

While the notion may at first seem ridiculous, given Google's strengths and cash hoard, computer scientists at some of Silicon Valley's biggest Internet companies have been struck by the firm's promising new search technology.
I would second that. Gladly.

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