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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Swap Twitter for 12 seconds?

So-called microblogging changes form. As Twitter(2006) gains traction amongst compulsive narcissists with bad writing skills and companies compelled to observe broadcast economics, technology abuse has become widespread. Without a care in the world, these tools allow that old war game called ruthless intrusion without notice. The excuse is you opted in. The receiver of a tweet message is bombarded with tons of silly nuggets and many subscribers opt out after a few hours. It has come as a boon to many a tribe that often contemplates committing suicide by reading a self-written passage; now they text a firm one-liner thro Twitter and put the blame squarely on the 140 character constraint enforced by the tool. They gave it a name “microblogging” – to give it part legitimacy of a blog. It covered plenty of ass.

Now what if you are bad at even that one-liner? Enter video version – 12 seconds, a San Francisco [Alpha] startup. The concept is borrowed from Twitter of course, but Soi Lipman the founder believes video is more engaging than text. Here is the best part that states its purpose "If I'm at the bar with my friends, I want to show us having fun at the bar, not just text it."

So there you go. But I like 12 seconds more because it’s time consuming for upload and download and not many will opt in. Intimate friends and family might be interested and that’s ok. That’s not inane broadcast of all things silly. That questions the moot point of its scalability as well. But if outside programmers are allowed to develop applications on its platform, it may have far better utility that drives commercial viability where Twitter tries hard to get.




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